How safe is ortho-k? Is it permanent like laser eye surgery or LASIK?


Ortho K is an easy, safe, non-permanent and reversable alternative to enhance your lifestyle and correct your vision. Because orthokeratology is reversible, it is not permanent like refractive eye surgery or LASIK, making this process an ideal alternative for myopic clients. By using ortho-k, you can avoid the hassle of wearing contact lenses during the day, and only wear them while you sleep.

  • Is it safe to sleep while wearing contact Lenses?

The rigid OrthoKeratology lenses are made from materials that allow sufficient oxygen transmission to make overnight wear safe. Unlike regular contact lenses, Ortho-K lenses enable the eyes to breathe even when the eyelids are closed. Anthony Liska chooses to use Paragon CRT lens which are approved by the United States FDA for overnight wear.

Contact lens corneal reshaping is not a new concept, and was started over 70 years ago. Modern technology makes ortho-k more accurate with safer lenses which are proven to work and are proven safe for overnight wear.

Anthony Liska uses Paragon CRT lenses for orthok


Regular eye check up
  • How long do the OrthoK Lenses last?

We recommend that the lenses be replaced every twelve months to maintain hygiene and structural accuracy of your ortho-k lens.

As with all contact lenses, regular check-ups are important. The actual parameters of the orthokeratology contact lens need to be worked out extremely precisely for the correct change in surface power to occur.

This is why contact lens fitting process can take a few visits to complete and these fitting costs are included in the total Ortho-K fee.